Each iGrossisti® Certified Refurbished has a 30-day warranty starting from the date of purchase, which covers any non-accidental hardware or software damage.

Damages caused by falls or liquid intrusion are therefore not covered by the guarantee (each product has an internal thermoregulatory seal, which gets dirty if liquids are introduced).

Each item on sale has a 14-day right of withdrawal, according to the “satisfied or refunded” formula, after which it will not be possible to exchange goods or request refunds since the order will be accounted for and will no longer be subject to changes of any kind.

In the case of products with integrated battery and / or accessories (charger, USB cable, headphones), since they are consumable goods and subject to daily wear and tear depending on the use of the user, they are covered in all cases by free assistance exclusively for the period relating to the right of withdrawal.

Check if your device is covered by our warranty

To verify that an item is still covered by our Warranty, you can contact our customer service via Phone, Email, Live Chat, or you can fill out the dedicated form in the “assistance” section, but before doing so, you must:

  • Check the purchase date from the invoice issued
  • Make sure it’s not a battery or power supply problem (not covered as described above)
  • Verify that our anti-burglary seal is still intact and has not been removed

If you cannot trace the purchase invoice, please contact us directly, we will be happy to help you in your search.

Check the guarantee seal

In each Refurbished device sold by our company there is a guarantee seal, which indicates that the product has been overhauled and has therefore been made suitable for sale on our e-commerce.

On laptops our seal is present on the back and is easy to check, but on other devices it is inserted in parts that are not easily visible and can only be checked by our technicians.

It is essential that it ALWAYS remain intact during the warranty period, otherwise we will be unable to intervene for free, so make sure not to disassemble the devices or have them checked by technicians outside our company.







If you still need more information about what you just read, you can always contact our customer support via phone, live chat or email. We are always at your disposal !